Webfolio - web sites

Here are some of the sites we've been working on recently.

database driven sites

conceptchemicals.com - with a two product ranges stored on database as well as a secure area with exclusive news and marketing info for distributors across Europe, this site is continually growing.

nhsdirectories.com - every year, the NHS publishes books with staff and contact info for the whole country. This password protected site helps to automate the complex procedure of updating and confirming all the details.

sumners.co.uk - needed a system which allowed clients from anywhere in the world to check the latest edits of TV video clips prior to broadcast. Mediachrome supplied a secure system which allows clients to log-in, view the clips and leave comments for the editors.

beechfield.com - trade site showing the full range of Beechfield caps.

carryitoff.com - Quadra is Beechfield's sister company, selling a range of bags and accessories to the trade.

Static sites

excelfibre.com - an innovative company at the forefront of re-cycling and energy saving developments, they supply to the road-building, construction and insulation industries.

ccrsorg.co.uk - The Catholic Childrens' Rescue Society site features a modern accessible design with regular news and event updates.

bagbase.com - a simple but effective translation of printed brochure to web site.

trianglepr.co.uk - funky site for one of the North West's top PR agencies.

jazzrascals.com - A music group site. We built this site originally in Quicktime, but we've recently simplified it for improved accessibility.

stephenraw.com - the artist from tolkienmaps.com also has a personal site for showcasing his work.

p3t.com - people +passion = performance: the undisputed leaders in corporate training.

And also...

phsolutions.co.uk, businessvehicleconcepts.com, outbackmusicgroup.com, revelatorband.com, healthcare21.co.uk, aerialphotographix.com...