Promoting your web site.

Market your web site to your current customers. Make sure that the web site address is on all your literature and stationery.

  • Fill your web site with information.
  • Include details on your products and services,
  • Links to reviews or to other services and sources of information in your specialist area. No need to link to your competitors of course!
  • Try to update your web site regularly so that there is always a reason to come back.

Customers like freebies that they can download. If you have something to offer (documents are simplest e.g.: servicing advice, FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions - but stuff like promotional screensavers can be successful too) then link the download to a form where you can collect some information about your customers.

The internet is full of virtual communities chatting about every topic under the sun. Find the groups who discuss topics relevant to your business and join in. Gain a reputation for being knowledgeable and helpful.

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